14+ years as a 3D generalist has given me  experience in a wide range of areas - 3D digital asset creation, VFX, post  production, VR and video games, as well as project and team management.


modeling (character & environment, high and low poly); texturing/UV; shaders; lighting; rendering; previs/animatics; editing

(Also: character skinning and animation, lip-sync, motion capture; basic rigging; compositing; match moving; camera tracking; roto/paint; particles; simulation)


3DS Max; Adobe Photoshop; Adobe Premiere; MentalRay; Eyeon Fusion; PlayCanvas

(Also (basic):  Unity; Nuke; PFTrack; Boujou; Realflow; Maya)



  • Freelance 3D generalist
  • June 2013 – present

Selected clients & projects:

Mastersof Pie - 3D modeling/UV/texturingfor Microsoft HoloLens - Siemens VR trade show experience

PlayCanvas - Modeling/UV/texturing/rigging/animation of 3D assets, optimisation and integration into PlayCanvas WebGL game enginefor various projects including:

Blue Forest (UK) Ltd  -  Treehouse design and construction company:  Visualisation and 3D asset production

Avascope Ventures  -  3D asset production, cloth simulation


Start to finish production of high-end pre-vis research films for major clients’ advertising campaigns - fast turn-around projects for agencies and clients demanding high quality to very tight deadlines; modeling and texturing for broadcast TV commercials.

Character & environment/prop modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering; animation & motion capture, particles, compositing, editing.

Client/director liaising and briefings, project and team management, development of workflows and procedures, maintenance of asset library, documentation.

I spent 5 months as a senior lead in the company’s Chicago satellite studio mentoring the art team to bring the art quality and procedures in line with the London studio, analyse and document the art pipeline and facilitate the exchange of work between the USA and UK.


  • 3D Artist - Freelance
  • Inition Ltd
  • September 2008 - October 2008

Production  of 3D assets for augmented reality and stereoscopic 3D projects, expo’s and games; Creating 3D content for real-time interactive technology; 3D animated title sequence and depth maps for HD autostereoscopic display; High res objects for 3D printing; 3D in-game and 2D GUI content for driving game.


3D character and environment assets.


PlayStation Eye -Operation Creature Feature (PS3)
Hi-poly environment modeling and texturing

PlayStation Home (PS3)and preceding PS2 Online project (Getaway Online)
Character modeling, Rigging/skinning/weighting, Asset creation (environment and character)
Environment modeling and texturing, Character animation

Eyetoy Play 2 (PS2)
Character modeling and texturing; skinning/weighting
Environment modeling and texturing; 3D and 2D environmental asset creation

Eyetoy Groove (PS2)
2D asset creation

Eyetoy Play (PS2)
Character modeling and texturing; Rigging/skinning/weighting; Character animation
Environment modeling and texturing; 3D and 2D asset creation

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